Artificial Intelligence Strategy & Roadmap

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.” Abraham Lincoln’s wisdom also resonates when it comes to AI.

Our strategy & planning phase involves establishing a roadmap, meticulously estimating costs, and selecting the most relevant solutions. This step is essential to ensure we optimize your budget and generate fast and measurable productivity gains.

Desired Output:

  1. Implementation Timeline

    We provide you with a detailed timeline outlining when and how the selected AI solutions will be integrated into your operations. This ensures that the project remains on schedule and that expectations are consistently met.

  2. Financial Transparency & Budget Optimization

    We ensure that every dollar invested is put to use effectively. You will benefit from accurate and upfront budgeting, which includes the costs of implementing the AI solutions and the projected returns both in time and dollars saved.

  3. Implementation Readiness

    As the planning phase concludes, you will have a concrete strategy for the solutions to be deployed. This sets your company up for a smooth transition into the implementation phase.


3 Steps for a Successful AI Strategy

Without proper planning, AI implementation can become disorganized or misprioritized, especially for SMEs. A well-designed AI strategy should guide an organization towards a shared goal and include a detailed timeline, a comprehensive budget, and a clear distribution of the roles and responsibilities, all while upholding your ethical and social responsibility standards.



We build a comprehensive roadmap tailored to your goals and ambitions, directing AI implementation in your organization. Our roadmap provides a detailed layout of your forthcoming actions and reduces uncertainty around roles and responsibilities during the transition.



We deliver a thorough financial plan that includes implementation costs and projected returns, assuring the profitability of your AI investment. The plan undergoes management validation to prevent unnecessary expenses.


Solution Selection

We identify AI solutions that best align with your situation, goals, and budget constraints. Our certified experts make these recommendations based on an in-depth, up-to-date understanding of available AI tools and functionalities.


AI Strategy & Roadmap Phase Deliverables:

  1. Implementation Timeline and Gantt Chart

    We provide a comprehensive AI implementation timeline with a Gantt chart. This allows you to effectively visualize the trajectory of the project and the distribution of resources, and apply modifications where necessary.

  2. In-Depth Budget Analysis

    You will be presented with a comprehensive budget that details the costs associated with AI integration and the expected returns, itemized in terms of hours and dollars. Our goal is to ensure financial transparency and prevent unforeseen expenses.

  3. Strategic Solution Mapping

    We deliver a precise mapping of the AI solutions chosen for each department. This clearly demonstrates where and how AI will be implemented within your organization. The selected solutions will always be designed to elevate your team’s performance and productivity, but never to replace them.

Frequently asked questions for our AI consultants:

AI is a complex topic. Building an AI strategy can be a daunting task. We’re here to make it simple. Let’s start by answering some of your questions.

An AI strategy aligns your AI solutions and processes with your business objectives. In short, it is meant to ensure a structured, efficient, and responsible deployment thus maximizing your productivity. A proper AI strategy allows you to avoid missing out on one of the most important technological shifts in recent decades.

The cost of the planning phase depends on the complexity of your project and typically ranges from $2,000 CAD to $7,000 CAD. We provide a detailed estimate after the assessment phase to ensure full transparency.

Our team of AI experts actively engages in the planning phase. They collaborate closely with your teams to understand your requirements and develop an AI strategy that is best suited to your needs and objectives.

The deliverables encompass a detailed implementation schedule, a comprehensive budget, and a department-wise mapping of AI solutions. These documents are provided in a digital format, allowing an easy access, reference, and regular updates.

The time commitment varies per project, but we prioritize minimizing your involvement, enabling you to focus on your core activities. Regular checkpoints remain essential for validating the proposed strategy and selecting the AI solutions.