Accelerate your Growth with Artificial Intelligence

Genia is the first productivity agency powered by artificial intelligence in Canada. We ensure an efficient and responsible implementation of AI tools for ambitious SMEs.

Human Resources

Our Methodology

AI provides SMEs with an unprecedented opportunity to stimulate productivity, nurture talent, and gain a sustainable competitive advantage. Our flexible ROI-driven methodology, developed by certified AI experts, ensures affordability and accessibility.

1. Evaluation

Defining Goals

Build the appropriate AI strategy, based on a detailed understanding of your business objectives, your current context, and your corporate culture.

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Provide a detailed audit of your teams’ current use of AI tools in your business operations and identify areas where productivity can and should be improved.

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Opportunity Assessment

Identify key AI opportunities using a scientific and rigorous approach. Prioritize based on potential productivity gains, summarizing actions in an exhaustive and detailed scorecard.

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2. Planification


Build a detailed roadmap summarizing each step of the adoption of AI processes and tools according to the defined priorities, clearly allocating roles and responsibilities.

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Define and validate a specific budget allowing for an optimal allocation of financial resources and with a precise estimate of the return on investment.

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Solution Selection

Select the AI solutions best suited to your objectives, your industry landscape, your budget, and our present-day knowledge and expertise of the tools and functionalities available.

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3. Implementation

Installation & Set-up

Install and configure market-leading solutions to maximize the impact on your company’s productivity. Proper installation and responsible usage are paramount.

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Customize AI solutions to the realities of your teams, and exploit AI tools to their fullest potential within your pre-defined ethical and social responsibility framework.

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Testing and Validation

Run tests and measure productivity gains as well as inefficiencies to optimize tool utilization. Each solution will be co-developed and validated by the final users.

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4. Support

Training & Coaching

Acquire and pass on the know-how required to your teams for the adoption of AI tools. Equip your departments with external certified AI experts. 100% of our courses are delivered by recognized industry experts.

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Support & Maintenance

Offer regular and continuous support to answer your teams’ questions and ensure the appropriate maintenance and updates of your tools.

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Change Management

Organize and lead workshops to ensure an effective and successful transformation of operations, and reassure your team members throughout the process.

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5. Development

Performance Monitoring

Ensure regular, quantified monitoring of results in terms of productivity gains and priority performance indicators (profitability, employee satisfaction, etc.).

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Strategic Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of new opportunities based on the tools and functionalities available to maintain and enhance the created competitive advantages.

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Custom Development

Design and development of customized artificial intelligence solutions based on the identified needs and ambitions currently unfulfilled by existing solutions.

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Support SMEs’ digital transformation through effective and responsible use of Artificial Intelligence



Democratize access to AI for small and medium-sized businesses through a pragmatic and affordable approach



Help SMEs to achieve a successful digital transformation by utilizing cutting-edge AI tools and continuously measuring results.



Value human resources above all to position them at the heart of your technological transition.

Let’s Discuss

What is an AI productivity agency?

With AI, the opportunities are endless, and so are the pitfalls. Not to mention the risks. Our AI experts discuss the various stakes and considerations in these short videos.

Alexandre CorbassonCo-founder of Intégral & Genia
Maxime CohenDirector of AI at Intégral, and Full Professor at McGill University
Jérémie AbbouCo-founder of Intégral & Genia


AI can be applied to all business functions



  • Segmentation of prospects and customers
  • Automation of content creation
  • Optimization of marketing campaigns


  • Data-driven go-to-market and pricing optimization
  • Commercial prospecting automation
  • Sales cycle forecasting and analysis


  • Resource and budget planning
  • Demand prediction
  • Quality control and predictive maintenance

Human Resources

  • Recruitment automation (filtering, communication)
  • Salary and benefits management
  • Tracking of employee satisfaction

Finance & Accounting

  • Automation and enhancements of accounting tasks
  • Financial analysis and forecasting
  • Compliance and fraud detection

Time to take a few questions

You probably have (many) questions. Good news: our AI and productivity experts are here to answer them.

Artificial Intelligence employs algorithms to extract relevant information from large granular datasets, and selects the optimal strategic decisions based on detailed learnings from large quantities of data.

Investing in AI tools allows you to increase your productivity, establish a competitive advantage, and improve the well-being of your teams. AI should by no means replace humans, but be leveraged where they have the highest value added, for complex and creative tasks.

An AI or productivity agency uses in-depth knowledge of AI solutions to offer proven expertise, a structured approach, and ultimately time and money savings. Let your competitors talk about AI while you start implementing it.

Our team is composed of certified AI experts, led by Dr. Maxime Cohen, co-founder of Genia , Professor in AI for Management at McGill University, and chief of AI at Intégral.

The first steps with Genia (diagnostic, planning, implementation) can be completed within 2 to 3 months. Recurring monitoring and coaching are then suggested in order to keep tools up to date and properly implement the required updates and changes.

The cost depends on the size of your project, but Genia offers affordable support and services, customized for SMEs, that are tailored to your objectives.

Our offices are not artificial

We serve you from Montreal and Paris.

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