Artificial Intelligence Audit & Evaluation

A successful AI strategy is initiated with an extensive audit, meticulously examining your company’s operations. By examining your team dynamics, we identify opportunities and guide their prioritization to enhance your productivity. It all starts here.

Desired Output:

  1. Stakeholder Synchronization

    An effective AI assessment fuses the energies of your entire company, respecting its core values and ethos. By engaging with key leadership figures, we collate vital insights and centralize data for a harmonized, transparent implementation.

  2. Strategic Prioritization

    Our AI evaluation empowers your organization to rank automation prospects, optimizing their impacts on daily operations and ensuring positive investment returns.

  3. Potential Gains Forecast

    We prioritize opportunities by considering estimated potential returns. Using our scorecard and predictive ROI analysis, we assess both monetary and time-based gains.

3 Steps for a Successful AI Audit & Evaluation

While every company is unique and requires a personalized approach, we emphasize the importance of adopting a structured approach to AI.


Defining Objectives

Our approach begins with a precise assessment of your business objectives, with the goal of aligning your AI strategy with your needs and the context of your company.



An in-depth AI audit is carried out to understand how your company functions and operates. By analyzing the current use of AI tools in each department, we provide you with a complete picture of your current situation.


Opportunity Assessment

Our AI experts identify and rank AI opportunities aimed at boosting productivity, concentrating on areas with promising returns on investment. This information is collated into an organized, actionable “scorecard”.


AI Audit Phase Deliverables:

  1. Strategic Briefing

    A comprehensive report explaining AI utilization, specifying primary objectives and their alignment with your company’s overarching strategy.

  2. Detailed Audit

    An exhaustive audit report, illustrating the present state of AI tools deployment within your company, emphasizing strengths and avenues for enhancement.

  3. Scorecard

    A quantified, detailed scorecard showcasing key AI opportunities, their prospective productivity augmentation, and their prioritization based on expected ROI.

Questions Frequently Asked

You have questions regarding our AI audit & evaluation services? We’ve got answers. And if you don’t find them here, our experts are just one call away!

The diagnosis encompasses a comprehensive assessment of your current AI usage across all departments, culminating in a detailed audit report.

The audit & evaluation phase, including objective setting, diagnosis, and opportunity evaluation, typically ranges between 2 and 4 weeks.

Key stakeholders within your company, including executives, line managers, and the IT team, should be involved to provide a holistic view. Ideally, a designated point of contact in your organization can streamline the process.

Post evaluation, you’ll receive a bespoke AI evaluation report, an in-depth audit, and an opportunity scorecard, all vital tools for informed decision making.

Absolutely. We strictly adhere to confidentiality and data protection norms. Rest assured, your company information will remain strictly confidential.

The cost of the evaluation phase can range from 3,500 to 10,000 CAD, depending on your organization’s size and complexity.

Our approach is driven by a commitment to success, a focus on results, and a dedication to fostering a collegial and dynamic working environment. We don’t make excuses, but rather take ownership of challenges and find innovative solutions.